VAVONA - Tradition

// TRADITION: responsibility passed down from generation to generation.


// A family business since 1873.

We are proud of our history. Why? Because multiple generations of our family have continued to tread along the path first trodden upon by our ancestors many years ago.

In 1873, Theodor Vosgerau, a journeying carpenter, decided to settle in Griesheim near Frankfurt am Main and open up a carpentry shop, laying the foundations for a tradition which has been continued by the Vosgerau family ever since. The love of wood as a multi-faceted, sustainable material has also long been engrained in the family.

After the Second World War, as the Frankfurt Trade Fair was getting back on its feet, brothers Walter and Horst Schmidt-Vosgerau tapped into the brand new business sector of exhibition stand construction, which has managed to stay as VAVONA’s main line of business to date.

// Exploring new horizons in a reunited Germany.

As a broken Germany became reunited once again, the Vosgerau brothers opened up a new chapter in the company’s history.

In 1991, they took over the former publicly owned advertising company DEWAG in Dresden, transforming it into Werbehaus Dresden GmbH and with their workshops becoming part of Holzwerkstätten Vosgerau GmbH.

Both Uwe Vosgerau and Filiz Vosgerau graduated in architecture from Darmstadt and they set about designing the new business premises, with Uwe having taken over the company management in 1996.
After two years of planning and construction, the new headquarters, located on the Radeburg industrial estate, north of Dresden, were completed in 2000 and both companies moved in.

This location offers an array of advantages: a modern working environment, plenty of space and optimal room for storage and logistics. Offices and production halls are located side by side, eliminating any unnecessary long trips and also guaranteeing a direct connection to the warehouses where customer exhibition stands are stored.

// Keeping the future firmly in sight.

Maintaining tradition means building on what others have built before us, whilst also injecting new stimuli to keep driving things forwards.

Under the leadership of managing directors Filiz und Uwe Vosgerau, the team at the new site in Radeburg worked on developing new skills and expertise, pooling these together to create a new company in 2008: that’s how VAVONA was born.

The name VAVONA is a synonym for redwood, a tree which grows along the Californian coast. The rare burs found on redwood are used as an exquisite veneer for exclusive pieces of furniture and high-quality interior design. VAVONA is the fusion of wood and design: sturdy and durable, yet elegant.

Today, the company is a creative, international brand with a focus on first-class quality.


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General Manager
Uwe Vosgerau
Merten Fink