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VAVONA woodwork
Individual, tailored, functional and appealing solutions for your appearance.
VAVONA trade fairs
We offer innovative solutions for the construction of exhibition stands.
VAVONA events
We design your events and brand presentations.

// Services: there’s no creation without passion.


// Design: thinking it all through.

Every customer and every job are unique. That is why VAVONA unites a comprehensive array of services under one roof: analysis, conception and design. In our studio, we put our heads together and give your project some deep thought. Then, based on an in-depth analysis, we start to hatch powerful ideas, concepts and designs to produce memorable messages and creative images.

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// Planning: it all starts to take shape.

The VAVONA planning process involves managing and thinking ahead, and is taken care of by our experts in project management and development. Our project managers devise functional solutions and see to it that they are implemented. For planning and design, we have a team of 11 members who work in the fields of architecture, graphics, wood technology, business, and marketing.

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// Production: all from under one roof.

When it comes to production, VAVONA has it all: our workshops for graphics, woodworking and exhibition stand construction are where ideas and designs come to life and we do everything from graphics to digital printing, all the way to spatial installations. We have a 30-strong team involved in the processes of manufacturing and assembling and they have a wide variety of specialisms: decoration, electrics, exhibition stand assembly, spatial installations, metalworking, carpentry and advertising. Our attention to detail results in exhibition and event spaces which will not be forgotten.

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// Assembly: making sure it is all in place, down to a T.

Exhibition and event spaces should create an environment that captures the imagination. This means that they need to be assembled with painstaking exactitude. Our assembly team works in close collaboration with the teams for design, planning and production, sharing their on-site experience to help with each stage and therefore ensuring precision and economic efficiency right from the very beginning.

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// Logistics: getting it all there on time.

VAVONA feels at home anywhere in the world, having operated on an international scale for decades now. We use our very own vehicle fleet to get all the equipment to its destination, on time and in good order, in Germany and across Europe. We have warehouse space which extends across 4,000m2 where we store exhibition stands and event equipment, so we have everything you will need for your project.

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Our rental warehouse houses a first-class pool of diverse equipment elements for trade fairs and events. We keep everything you need for rent - in a large selection and large numbers. At VAVONA you will find furniture such as chairs, tables, counters, advertising equipment such as presentation areas and brochure stands, and lighting and sound technology for the atmosphere in the room.

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Südstraße 8
01471 Radeburg

FON +49 (0) 35208 388 0
FAX +49 (0) 35208 388 88

EMAIL info(at)vavona.de
WEB www.vavona.de

General Manager
Uwe Vosgerau
Merten Fink