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// Hatching ideas: thinking it all through.


// Hatching ideas: the key to winning over the public.

Every job starts to take shape in our studio.

It is where ideas develop into creative solutions. We assess material samples, browse catalogues, discuss our drafts and devise colour concepts. Our team of architects, designers and graphic artists unites individual ideas to create one harmonious visual concept.

Emotions are key. Spaces should engage as many senses as possible, creating an environment in which your visitors would be happy to while away the hours. If you feel at peace in a space, you will look back on it favourably later. We make the experience at the exhibition stand, consultation zone or event location a compelling one to capture visitors’ attention, something which is oh-so hard to command.

We are convinced that to win over the public, you have to stand out.

// Architecture: spaces that capture the imagination.

The customer’s brand takes centre stage in spaces designed by VAVONA and we play a key role in creating an image.

If an environment stirs the emotions of your clients and visitors, their attention will be heightened. An inviting sales floor, a sophisticated exhibition stand and a clear message are the finishing touches to the entire work of art. And we make sure that everything in the exhibition or event space is coordinated, from the general concept right down to the finest design detail. Being one of a kind will make sure you stand out amongst the array of other exhibition stands and events.

// Design: aesthetic pleasure.

We create an overall concept with visual depth by using harmonious graphics and emotion-stirring imagery that leave a lasting impression.

VAVONA develops entire campaigns from A to Z for trade fairs and events: invitations, advertisements, equipment, giveaways, laser shows, hosts, PicBuzzer and much more... We explore the most diverse themes, do our background research, organise the visuals and develop storyboards to help us make the campaign come to life.

Huge hanging fabrics, ceiling sails, diverse floor structures and images moving across large-scale LED displays all help us to make our ideas a reality. With films and eye-catching imagery, we create experiences that you, your customers and visitors definitely won’t forget in a hurry.

We find a harmonious way to communicate through images to make your exhibition or event concept really come together.


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General Manager
Uwe Vosgerau
Merten Fink