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// Company philosophy: we make ideas a reality.


// Holistic thinking.

VAVONA develops and designs spaces, guided by the core idea of interior design as a single unit which combines functionality with emotion.

The outcome should be in perfect harmony with your goals, needs and identity. To plan such a unique space, you need to be creative, inventive and highly aware.

This is reflected in the conscious selection and arrangement of materials and colours, the contrasts between surfaces and structures and the plays on light and shade. We recognise the importance of the overall impression whilst keeping a sharp focus on the finest detail.

// Finding solutions.

Finding an individual, functional, effective solution that is tailored to your needs is the challenge that inspires our work and each new assignment represents a new challenge to overcome.

But to do so, we need much more than just inquisitiveness and good intentions. We conduct a thorough, objective project analysis for our customers and our competent, skilled professionals possess sound knowledge and a wealth of experience in the most diverse disciplines.

The creation process involves technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of materials, colour effects, surfaces, light and media arrangement and room acoustics, and it does not stop there.

// Achieving goals.

Our goal is to create unique spaces which constitute an intense, sensory experience for your customers. The originality of the space is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Trade fairs and events are brief, fleeting affairs, and so leaving a lasting impression plays a crucial role. Thanks to our high levels of commitment and diligence, we follow a coordinated schedule to reliably achieve every single project objective.

We guarantee our customers that we will not go over the specified costs and time frames, assuming full responsibility in this regard. If our customers are happy, then so are we.


Südstraße 8
01471 Radeburg

FON +49 (0) 35208 388 0
FAX +49 (0) 35208 388 88

EMAIL info(at)vavona.de
WEB www.vavona.de

General Manager
Uwe Vosgerau
Merten Fink